Water lily (Nymphaeaceae)

Angiosperm phylogeny:
Flowering plant families and their relationships

Scabious (Caprifoliaceae)

A chart of flowering plant families and their relationships

An extract from the chart:

Plant classification: Early-branching angiosperm families

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  • Professional, student and amateur botanists.
  • School, colleges and universities.
  • Wildlife conservation.
  • Gardeners and others involved in horticulture.
  • Ecological studies.
  • All those interested in understanding the natural world.
  • An attractive poster displaying families of flowering plants.
  • Many familiar plant names and plant products included.
  • Uses the latest molecular (genetic) phylogenies.
  • Fine-structure of relationships between families depicted.
  • Available for on-line viewing.
  • Includes an index of flowering plants and plant products, their common and scientific names and locations on the chart.
  • Other botanical posters available below: Ferns and fern classification.
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Chart of fern families

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